ISLAMABAD (APP) - National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage, Lok Virsa has taken over the charge of the delayed project of Pakistan Monument Museum (PMM) being established here at Shakarparian. Having a distinct and well-defined identity with its location next to National Monument, the PMM project has been delayed for two years and it will take one more year to complete, said Khalid Javaid, Executive Director Lok Virsa. The prime objective of this museum will be to explain Pakistan in historical perspective not only to the visiting foreigners but also to the Pakistanis and future generations of Pakistan at home, Khalid Javaid told APP. The overriding purpose of the multi-dimensional displays in the museum will be to make clear in very uncomplicated and simple terms the birth, history, identity, society and advancement and achievement of Pakistan as a modern and progressive nation. He said this will be a Thematic Museum that explains and projects Pakistan in all its dimensions of thought and action, dream and materialization of the dream without raising controversies or complex issues. It will be a Modern Museum that employs state-of-the-art technology and display techniques for presentation while it will also be a prime educational facility for children of all ages and an activity museum where visitors can interact with three dimensional exhibits, virtual constructs and cyber innovations, he added. Its layout will exhibit sub-themes and sections to re-enforce the main theme of the museum which include The Birth of Pakistan, Dream and Realization, History and Continuity, the Impact of Islam, Religion and Society, Population and Habitat, Language and Communication, Oral Traditional and Literacy, Society, Advancement, Culture, Social Issues and Economy, Science and Technology, Education, Discovery and Invention, National Heroes of Pakistan and Future Vision and Aspirations. The segment of Dream and Realization will portray the story of Pakistan as visualized and executed by its founding fathers, Religion and Society will portray the role and contribution of Islam as a progressive religion, the people of Pakistan and how the ethical vision has enriched Pakistani society, population and habitat. The section of Culture and Society will focus on the facts ad figures on population, health, women, children and show typical traditional habitat, ecology and environment of the remote Pakistani regions. Apart from these segments, there will be other divisions that will be integral to the overall layout and design of the Monument Museum including Hall of Distinguishes Visitors, Library and Documentation Center, Audio Visual Archive, Museum Media Center and public facilities. Khalid Javaid said that the museum will be dedicated to the freedom fighters of Pakistan Movement who laid their lives for the nation.