There has been no follow up on Fauzia Akram's case who was deprived of her leg during an operation in Mayo Hospital. The injury, which necessitated this operation, was caused when she was brutally wounded in an effort to thwart a rape attempt. The Punjab Chief Minister visited Fauzia in Mayo Hospital on April 18th and promised the following; 1) A free residence for her as Fauzia is an orphan and both her parents have passed away. 2) Total cost for her surgery and follow up treatment was to be borne by the government. As Mayo Hospital might not be equipped for prosthesis treatment or for providing a prosthetic limb, this is her most important concern and the Chief Minister is requested to look into it directly. 3) Total cost for her education was to be borne by the government. We would be grateful to the Chief Minister if he would personally look into the case as no follow up has been done on his orders as yet. -KHALIDA AKRAM (sister of Fauzia Akram 0321-429-9041), Lahore, via e-mail, May 13.