Kashmiris have suffered more than any other community in the world with the exception of the people of occupied Palestine. Their losses in human and material terms, and the consequential misery to the people of South Asia, can not be calculated in ordinary mathematics. Instead of nearing a solution the disputed territory has become a nuclear flashpoint. As the traditional policy of conflict resolution i. e. settlement before normalization with India, has failed in this area, I propose an out of box resolution of this sixty years old problem. As Kashmiris have apparently opted for a peaceful solution of the dispute they should consider taking part in elections and form their own government in the territory. Boycott leads to violence whereas electoral politics is a powerful component of a peaceful struggle. After all Jinnah and Gandhi did participate in elections in India occupied by Britain before wining freedom from the erstwhile superpower of the world. An APHC administration in Srinagar can put tremendous pressure on India to soften its colonial stance regarding the valley. A peaceful struggle can in fact turn the tables on India and wash the stain of terrorism from the face of the freedom struggle of the Kashmiris. I have no doubt that majority of the people from the territory would support the APHC leadership Why can't they cash on their popularity and set up their own government before moving on to their cherished goal, the right of self determination? -B.A. MALIK, Islamabad, via e-mail, May 8.