Half of Peshawar which is built on territory of the adjoining tribal area called FR-Peshawar is neglected as are many of these 'Frontier Regions in the Pakhtoonkhwah province. They include the Fr- Kohat, FR-Bunnu, FR-Laki Marwat, FR-Tank and FR-D. I. Khan, areas that are left totally abandoned by the government with no deployment of any Police force whatsoever. It may be noted that in Tribal Areas, no police can be deputed according to Article 247 and 246 of the constitution. The constitution only allow the Frontier Constabulary or the Frontier Force to serve these areas but they are practically relocated to Islamabad and Punjab, doing election duties. As they are meant to serve by charter in Pakhtoonkhwah, their transfer from here, especially with the law and order at its worst, is puzzling. It is also a case of criminal neglect by the Interior Ministry of the Pakhtoonkhwah government who are answerable for this to people of the province. By rules, the provincial government of Pakhtoo-nkhwah, specifically its local DCO, is responsible for maintenance of law and order in the seven FR regions, and not the Political Agent who serves in FATA. The administration of FATA comes under the control of Islamabad while the FR regions and PATA are controlled by the Frontier Corps, which is different from Frontier Constabulary as the Frontier Corps is run by officers of the Pakistan Army. The Frontier Constabulary is, technically, under control of the Pakhtoo-nkhwah Police Department. There is some bit of overlapping with FR regions and PATA (Swat and Malakand ) being regarded as the half of Tribal Areas that are under control of Pakhtoonkhwah provincial government which is responsible for law and order but the Levies and the Frontier Constabulary come under the Interior Ministry . The Frontier Constabulary people are found on green belts and odd places at VIP areas in those odd-looking, pitched-tent, temporary accommodations and they have been in this 'camp condition for the last 45 years. Punjab Home Minister Rana Sana Ullah highlighted their situation saying it is unconstitutional to keep these forces in places other than their province of duty, the Pakhtoonkhwah. It is like allowing interference in Punjab by a force controlled by the Pakhtoonkhwah Police working under the Chief Secretary of Pakhtoonkhwah. These forces are direly needed in Swat and Malakand, as well as in FR -Peshawar where rockets fall every other day on residential area of Haytabad and the University Town, Aabdrra Road region. The Peshawar Airport has also been targeted many times. While the citizens of Pakhtoonkhwah suffer in misery, their most valuable asset, and the most needed asset in these times, is in Punjab due to negligence of their provincial government and mismanagement of the Interior Ministry of Rehman Malik. -DR. KHURRUM SHAUKAT YUSAFZAI, Peshawar, May 16.