My mother works hard all day long hauling rocks at a quarry. In this work she makes fifty rupees a day. It is not our fault that we were born in a country where people are judged by their money and caste. The caste system has bound people like us in shackles of torment and suffering. Allah is great I hear the calling from our nearby mosque. The words give me hope because they reflect the soul of a religion that preaches equality of all before Allah and no prejudice of caste. The thought that God is merciful and His guidance would change the world and its people gives me hope. The Lord has not created us for grief. Happiness and equality are the goal for which well be answerable to Him one day, I heard somebody say. Discrimination here is not because of Islam, it stems from tradition says Jamila Shanti, a sociologist. -MARYAM KHALID, Lahore, May 17.