SOMEHOW for all the signs that there could be no escape from implementing the NRO verdict, the government keeps prevaricating. The Prime Minister who, being the chief executive is duty bound to ensure that the court orders are carried out, is the main government functionary trying to find grounds for the futility of doing so. Speaking to the office-bearers of the Lahore Press Club, who called on him on Sunday, he seemed to advise the Supreme Court to summon the NRO architect, meaning thereby General Musharraf, without realising that the judgement already puts him in the dock for transgressing the limits of Article 6 of the Constitution. It would be interesting to recall that it was the PPP government that sent him abroad after giving him a grand guard of honour. Mr Gilani had better ask his Law Minister to approach the apex court to summon Musharraf before it. He should also keep in mind that the beneficiaries of the bad law cannot be left out of the loop of accountability. Besides, as Mr Gilani himself stated, outside forces were behind the shameful NRO deal i.e. the Americans, British and some of our friends in the Gulf and that also makes them architects. He would have to spell out how to deal with them. The Prime Minister told the LPC members that the Federal Law Minister would explain the government position to the Supreme Court. Mr Babar Awan has been known to the world for making the angriest and most questionable remarks about the area of competence of the court and the non-feasibitily of implementing its judgement, and it would be quite interesting to see how he faces the Bench. Mr Gilanis mantra of 'respect for the judiciary has assumed a funny ring now since the only thing that this could imply is that he is faithfully and honestly obeying its orders The reality speaks differently. His paying lip service, while effectively defying them despite the fact that the responsibility under the Constitution devolves on him, does not exonerate him. Besides, the despatch of PMs Advisor on Information Technology to Switzerland raises many an eyebrow. That Mr Gilani should be sending him there, it seems, to find how the Swiss courts would react in case the government were to write a letter to them to reopen the cases against President Zardari, is highly unbecoming, to say the least. At the same time, PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif, in an address at London, has talked of attempts at creating conditions that could result in a clash between the government and the judiciary. He named both Zardari and Gilani as being equally responsible for ensuring accountability of the NRO-affected people. The upshot of the scenario, which reeks of scandalously undemocratic ways of saving the skin of the plunderers of national wealth, is that the Supreme Courts verdict must be studiously followed in an attempt to cleanse the body politic of corruption, if we want to see the country flourish.