ISLAMABAD – When the memo commission convenes on Friday, it will have no representation of one the principal figures, Husain Haqqani, who has withdrawn from the Commission’s proceedings.

Experts say the boycott by Haqqani will not affect the Commission’s proceedings but it will certainly diminish its significance. The Secretary of the memo commission, Sessions Judge Syed Jawad Abbas, has returned from London after a meeting with Mansoor Ijaz and a forensics expert who examined Mansoor Ijaz’s Blackberry handset. Informed sources say forensic reports report will confirm Mansoor’s claims of exchanging blackberry messages and text messages with Husain Haqqani.

Haqqani, who did not produce his Blackberry handset before the Commission, does not deny contact with Mansoor Ijaz but insists that the US businessman of Pakistani origin has lined up these messages against telephone calls to weave a story about the memo that is not true.