KARACHI – Another serial killer, who kidnapped and raped two women before slaughtering them, was arrested on Thursday, a senior police official said. According to SSP Khadim Hussain Rind, the serial killer, namely Athar alias Papu, was arrested from the Quaid’s mausoleum on the pointation of Muhammad Rafiq, another serial killer who mowed down four women before his arrest on April 24.The SSP said that besides stalking girls at the Quaid’s mausoleum, Athar butchered two women and dumped their bodies in different areas of the city after assaulting them sexually. Athar and Rafiq at first victimsed a Muslim convert, namely Nasreen, who had five children. They chopped her body into pieces, and dumped them at different locations within the remits of the Solider Bazaar Police Station. It took police three days – March 10 to March 12 – to recovery all body parts of the victim. On April 10, the two accused and their friend Iqbal victimised another woman. She is still unidentified, as her face was disfigured by the accused. The recovery of her complete body took three days. Athar, who belongs to Faisalabad, is a rickshaw-driver by profession. SSP Rind further said the third culprit, namely Mazhar Iqbal, was still at large.