ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court Thursday indicted federal minister for Law and Justice Babar Awan for contempt of court.According to the charges framed by two-member bench, Babar Awan addressing a press conference on December 1, 2011 had ridiculed the judiciary. His words and tenor of his speech was not only scandalising but it also intended to bring hatred against the judiciary.The court said former minister has committed contempt of court therefore they would proceed against him under section 5 of Contempt of Court Ordinance 2003. Justice Ejaz Afzal, who was heading the bench, asked from Babar whether or not he pleads guilty. Babar replied in negative and he then recorded his statement.Denying the charges he said no law of contempt of court – including the Contempt of Court Ordinance 2003 – exist presently. He stated that right from the beginning of the proceeding against him at no point of time the attorney general, incumbent and previous, was heard. “The attorney general was not called upon to address the court on the question whether I have committed contempt of court.”Babar Awan said on December 1 last year he along with other office-bearers of Pakistan People’s Party addressed the press conference, which was against the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, an opponent party of PPP and opposition in the parliament. It is noteworthy that he was a central leader of the PPP at that time, he added. All he said at the press conference was in the historical perspective and which had taken place between the two political rivals – PPP and PML-N. He said: “I never intended to scandalise the Supreme Court or its judges and it was not against the SC or the judges.” Any reference to the court was a point of view of the PPP and not of an individual and that too was focused on political aspect, he said, adding that as the tension existed between the PPP and PML-N, therefore it was not contemptuous to the court in any manner. “The transcript of the press conference, which was sent to me through post by the Supreme Court along with the notice, was incomplete and some portions of it were utterly wrong. In view of this matter I made statement in writing CMA187 in CrPC21 of 2012 with a specific request for production and supply of the correct transcript of the press conference.” Till date no copy of the transcript has been supplied to him, he said as he questioned framing of charges against him. The former minister said the video clips of the press conference seen by the court in his presence were incomplete hence the charges are based on incomplete record.Babar Awan said till date he had not been told as to whether these proceedings will be held against him under civil or the criminal procedure. He said the procedure should be followed given in the CrPc in accordance with the constitution, adding, “I am still unaware what procedure would be followed.” He said there is strong impression in the bar associations that out of five participants of the press conference he has been singled out. “I filed a formal reply and tendered unconditional apology. I stand by my painful regrets and bona fide apology already tendered before this court.”When the ex-minister start quoting judgments to enrich his statement, Justice Ejaz barred him saying: “You have made the statement and now you can’t argue the case.” The honourable judge asked Attorney General Irfan Qadir, being the prosecutor in this case, to supply the evidence against Babar Awan on May 26, while the hearing of the case would be held on May 29.