A man stopped for speeding in southwest England told officers poor eyesight made the speed limit signs too hard to see, Dorset Police said.

Dorset Police revealed a list of bad excuses as part of its “No Excuse” campaign against unsafe driving.

A driver pulled over in Poole told officers the speed limit signs were hard to read and he was en route to an eye exam. On another occasion, a woman pulled over for speeding in Weymouth said she was keeping up with traffic. Officers then pointed out she was the only car on the road. Police said a man pulled over for talking on the phone while behind the wheel told officers, “Well I wouldn’t have used my mobile if I knew there were policemen in an unmarked car behind me.” A woman whose driving privileges had already been revoked for repeated speeding incidents was stopped again in Bournemouth and told an officer, “The use of the laser in an unmarked car to catch people is criminal.”        –UPI