MOSCOW (Agencies) - A Russian man had to be rescued by emergency workers from a rubbish chute where he had jumped to escape his girlfriend but ended up getting stuck after sliding three floors down, officials said Thursday.

He plunged three floors from the eighth floor of an apartment building in Tyumen, Siberia, before getting stuck. Residents then heard the 31-year-old man’s cries for help. Rescue workers had to use tools to cut him free. He was not seriously hurt. He had had a row with his girlfriend, officials said, without elaborating. Soviet era buildings in Russia frequently have a metal rubbish chute in the stairwell with a latch opening on each floor that is slightly bigger than a grocery bag.

The unidentified man apparently travelled three floors down the chute in the apartment building in Tyumen before getting jammed at the fifth floor level, when he started calling for help.

Tyumen emergency service officials contacted by the BBC said the incident happened late on Wednesday, but the man is already back at work.

“According to the 31-year-old victim, he jumped into the metal chute on the eighth floor to escape his girlfriend,” a statement on the service’s website said.

The officials said there had been a similar incident in Tyumen a few years ago, again with a happy outcome.