SIALKOT - Exporters, manufacturers, traders and political circles have expressed deep concern over the increase in electricity tariff and termed it a last nail in coffin of poor masses. They alleged that the government had totally failed in resolving the issue of electricity and hoodwinking the masses through its hollow slogans. The poor masses were already confronting multifarious problems including price hike and rapid increase in gas and electricity charges and recent increase in electricity charges is a serious below to the poor segment of the country. In a press statement, President Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) Naeem Anwar Qureshi said that it was the responsibility of the government to concentrate on reducing line losses, electricity theft and construction of new dams for the storage of water and generation of electricity.

The government should exploit alternative sources like solar system, wind and coal for generating electricity,” he said.

Due to non availability of electricity the exports have been declined sharply and productivity has come to a standstill in this export-oriented city and hub of cottage industry,” he said. Naeem said that due to time and again increase in electricity charges the cost of production had been increased manifolds resultantly the demand for Pakistani products had decreased in foreign markets.

The business community will shift its business to foreign countries if the current situation prevails,” he said. The SCCI president urged the government to withdraw the decision of increase in electricity tariff for the larger national interest and to keep the economic wheel in full motion.