­KARACHI – The Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi has announced a grand public meeting on June 10 in the city against the rampant corruption of the rulers, rising poverty and massive power shortfall in the country.Addressing a press conference at the Idara-e-Noor Haq, JI Karachi chief Mohammad Hussain Mehanti said the meeting, Islamic Revolution, to be held at Lasbella Square, would be addressed by JI chief Munawar Hassan, other leaders and Liaquat Baloch.Mehanti averred that his party would bring out the country out of the crises, asserting that the JI’s public contact campaign was a ray of hope for the Pakistani people.Mehanti further said that only Islamic system could provide peace and prosperity to society, adding that the collapse of the American-backed regimes in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia had proved the power of people.He said the historic triumph of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was a great defeat of the Imperialists. The JI, added Mehanti, wanted to bring an Islamic revolution in Pakistan on the lines of the Tahrir Square revolution, deploring the trampling of the basic rights of the Pakistani people for the past 65 years. “Neither the political parties nor military dictators resolved the genuine grievances and problems of the people.”He said the coalition government utterly failed to address the various issues instead of leading the country to prosperity and self-reliance. Mehanti claimed that his party had incessantly continued its struggle for the rights of the people, for which they wanted it to bring a change in the country. “The JI has already kicked off its public coordination campaign and our message is being conveyed to the people at their doorsteps.” He also claimed that the people had positively responded to the JI’s efforts. In view of such a response, the JI has decided to stage large gatherings. The JI, he said, would ensure a peaceful change in the country that would be free from the dominance of the United States and would be fully pro-democratic. The JI would convert the country into an Islamic welfare state so that the people could get their rights.