OKARA - The PML-N will put Pakistan on the track of progress by steering the country out of crises, party leaders claimed.

“PML-N is safeguarding ideological boundaries of the country. It is true political party which is doing politics on principles. The axis of politics of PML-N is development, prosperity, eradication of corruption and solution to national issues,” MPA Mian Yawar Zaman said while talking to the party workers at the local Muslim League House.

The leaders who raised a slogan of Roti, Kapra aur Makaan have pushed the nation into a quagmire of dearness, he said and added that the PPP had no agenda for the betterment of the people. The MPA said elimination of energy crisis and improving living standard will be top priority of the PML-N.

Zaman said the present federal government had failed on all fronts. The government institutions are working in the interest of America. Foreign forces are playing a dreadful role in Pakistan. They are planning to make Pakistan a failed state, he added. He urged the nation to stand united. Separately, also MPA Mueen Khan Wattoo said only Nawaz Sharif has the capability to steer the country out of crises because Nawaz Sharif as compared to other political leaders was honest and sincere.

He said the PPP is a group of plunderers who have given nothing except helplessness during their four-year rule and the energy crisis added to the people miseries. Unscheduled loadshedding has made people patients, he said and added that in the coming budget if relief is not given to the people, a revolution will come and the rulers will find no cover.

He said every politician should be selfless and think of national interests. He said that the Punjab had proved the PPP’s slogan of Roti, Kapra aur Makaan.