KARACHI - World Hypertension Day was celebrated with renewed spirit, as Pfizer Pakistan lead the way with over 60 nation-wide activities, engaging more than 1800 healthcare professionals, to spread the awareness regarding hypertension and its impact on our society, says a Press release.

The World Hypertension Day (WHD) is globally observed every year on 17th May, as part of the initiatives of the World Hypertension League (WHL). Pfizer Pakistan successfully organized nationwide activities, with the objective of promoting public awareness of hypertension and to encourage citizens of all countries to prevent and control this silent killer, in line with the objectives of the WHL.

As part of the WHD activities, numerous walks, awareness sessions, symposiums, and screening camps were arranged by Pfizer Pakistan. The theme for the World Hypertension Day 2012 is ‘Healthy Lifestyle – Healthy Blood Pressure’. Pfizer Pakistan successfully organized over 60 activities all over the country, including main health institutions such as Multan Institute of Cardiology (MIC), Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC), Liaquat National Hospital, PIMS, Sheikh Zayed Hospital Lahore, Tabba Heart, amongst others, and received great support from medical practitioners and industry professionals. As many as 1800 prominent doctors and leading professionals from the industry actively participated in these events.