LAHORE – PIA MD Rao Qamar Suleman is currently on official visit to Cologne and Washington to attend crucial meetings for PIA. The meetings were scheduled since long and any further delays on the part of the PIA could have resulted in serious operational implications for the airline in Europe and North America, spokesman of PIA said on Thursday.

The Board of EASA had asked the present MD to come in person as no official from the senior management of PIA was acceptable for the meeting by the EASA Board that is looking at enforcing suspension on PIA due to its failure to comply with the EASA 145 regulations. The present MD had requested the EASA board to reconsider their decision as the deadline to place the suspension was set for end April 2012.  The EASA board had agreed to suspend the sanctions on a condition that the MD PIA made a personal appearance before the EASA board.

The meetings with the TSA officials at Washington DC were being held to stop the anticipated 8 hours delay for the PIA flights going to the USA via Manchester for a secondary security check.

Should the TSA enforce this condition, the feasibility of flying PIA to the USA shall have serious implications for the airline. The meeting was already scheduled and is a follow up of the TSA officials visit to Pakistan in April 2012.

PIA spokesperson further said that the Managing Director was invited to the meetings at Cologne with EASA officials and in Washington with TSA officials regarding second security check, at Manchester airport as the sensitivity of the situation and that the matter on both issues can only be dealt with at the highest level.