BAHAWALPUR - Electricity has been being supplied to the Rural Health Centre of Khutri Benglow illegally for months while the Mapco officials have turned a blind eye to the act of causing loss to the government.

The power meter of the RHC is out of order and power is being supplied to the cenrtre directly from the main wire. The residential quarters are also using electricity without paying a single penny to the government from the connection of the centre.

It is also learnt that these quarters are also in possession of private persons. When this matter was brought into the notice of Dr. Shahid Ikram who was working as SMO, he said that he was not the senior medical officer, adding that Dr Asif Salem was the SMO and hold the latter responsible for it.

However, Dr Asif denied the allegations and said that the meter was in working position. He also said that power supply to the quarters had been disconnected. He said two quarters were occupied by the SHO and the sub-inspector of the Derawar police station. He further said that notices had been issued repeatedly, but they are not ready to vacate the quarters.