Clashes between workers of Population Welfare Department largely women and police inside Punjab Civil Secretariat on Wednesday should serve the provincial government as an eye-opener. It reflects poorly on the security arrangements at such a sensitive building located in the heart of the metropolis. The incident also affords a moment for the ruling elite to think about the problems and worries of the public particularly government employees in lower carders. In addition to this, they must also take into consideration whether it was high-handedness of the police that aggravated the situation. The women protestors were peacefully staging a protest demonstration in front of the main gate of the Civil Secretariat in support of their demands when they were baton-charged. The demonstrators had earlier gathered at Nasir Bagh from where they marched towards the Secretariat. It was here or outside the park that they should have been stopped and negotiated with. Rather than displaying such contempt the provincial government must listen to their legitimate demands and make a sincere effort to rid them of their financial burden. The sky-rocketing prices, unbearable utility bills have made life miserable for low-paid employees. According to latest developments, talks are in progress between representatives of the workers association and concerned officials. One hopes that an amicable solution would be reached.