Imran Khan's PTI will now rule the roost in KPK. This is Imran Khan's first opportunity to form a government, so it is important that he puts his best foot forward as this will show his mettle as well as pave the way for his victory next time around. The first task for the PTI is the ‘Provincial Budget’, in which they should focus on some vital issues, though I am not a politician but I take the liberty of pointing out some tips to help PTI succeed.

The first should be security, quantity personnel and advance quality of equipment is required to cover this area. There are many unregistered cars on the roads and the traffic police needs to be vigilant and put a stop to these as they could be driven by terrorists, if not, the cars should be registered and this would generate funds to equip the police force.

KPK receives regular revenue from its hydel Power. The province has the capacity to generate more than 55,000MW through clean hydel power. The local Sarhad Hydel Development Organization (SHYDO) was tasked with exploring, documenting and constructing these projects, but they are working at a very slow pace, they should be given targets.

International donor organizations like USAid, ADB, WB, UN, JICA and Banks love to finance clean and safe Hydel Power Projects, therefore these organizations should be asked to open their liaison office inside the SHYDO office. Pakistan has an excellent ‘Hydel Power Generation and Sale Law’ that ensures the safe payment of monthly installments, so the Government can create a plan where Pakistani citizens can buy shares in the hydel power projects, creating a regular monthly payment scheme for citizens that can last 25 years. Thus helping fund our own project and also provide 25 year retirement plan to the citizen.

With the settlement of people in Afghanistan, Peshawar and Khyber agency have become centers of trade. Everyday more than 800 heavy trucks cross Khyber and Peshawar, taking and bringing goods from Afghanistan to Pakistan. This strength can be used by the PTI to increase jobs and revenue in KPK. By improving the trade route, adding dry goods loading and unloading, providing facility for air and train transport, linkup with road transport at Peshawar and Khyber Agency, will increase the trade across the border. Similarly facilities like hotel, visa, transport and safety should be provided to Afghan traders who want to purchase and then transport their goods via Khyber border.

Tourism also needs to be promoted, with new tourist friendly activities; with an abundance of beautiful locations we can attract local tourists and international tourists to the area. Forests should be replanted, as Pakistan has the World's fastest deforestation rate, with most forest disappearing from KPK. I believe that with the focus on the above points, PTI can help transform this troubled area into the happiest part of Pakistan in a few years. And if the government performs honestly, accountably and sincerely, than PTI will become the permanent party of KPK. They are very lucky that the previous government has kept the bar very low for them.


Peshawar, May 15.