PML-N President Mian Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister-elect, has vowed that his government would pursue national agenda that would set the country on the road to progress. Expressing his view about what he intended to do to pull the country out of the multiple crises in which it was bogged down at present, he told independent candidates who are making a beeline to call on him these days to convey their decision to join PML-N, he said that the ballot had already sounded a death knell to the corrupt mafia and those responsible for poor governance; he would work for the good of the people. The otherwise vague term, national agenda, is quite clear as far as Pakistan in its present state is concerned. It can briefly be summed up in a few words, overcoming ‘energy shortage, economic meltdown, the curse of terrorism and religious extremism, a virtual absence of the rule of law that manifests itself in soaring crime rate’. The list does not end here and one can point fingers at every field of national activity, education, health, sports and what have you; it is, indeed, a crisis of character and as such a formidable task to set things right.

But since it is difficult to conceive of a worse situation, a slight turn for the better would give a sense of relief to the people. Indeed, none of the problems can be resolved in a short term, but setting things in the right direction would raise hopes of recovery in the foreseeable future. Most experts agree that the key issues to tackle are loadshedding and terrorism. For, any improvement in them would herald the revival of economy, the availability of jobs, rise in exports, and growth in the inflow of foreign direct investment. Already, the PML-N leadership is focusing on priorities and it is learnt that they have decided to go by merit and purge the losing big state-owned corporations of incompetent officials heading them and in their place appoint those who can deliver. PIA, the Railways, Pakistan Steel Mills, etc. are glaring examples which instead of being profitable, as in the past, have become losing concerns at the hands of favourite and corrupt officials.

On the political front, the PML-N is also moving on the question of consensus and developing amiable relations with leaders of other political parties. Respecting democratic traditions, it has let PTI that bagged the highest number of seats in KPK to form government in the province and joined hands with Maulana Fazlur Rehman, chief of JUI-F, to smoothen the way to take the national agenda forward. All eyes are set on Mian Nawaz and his team to deliver on the promises they have made to the people.