Power shortfall reaches 2100 MW: NTDC
SLAMABAD (INP): National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) on Saturday said that the power shortfall has reached to 2100 megawatt in the country. According to NTDC, the overall demand of electricity in the country is 13,300 MW whereas the total generation is 11,200 MW. The dispatch company further said that 15 MW of electricity is being generated through wind technology whereas 500 KV Dadu Circuit No. 2, whose Tower had collapsed due to storms, was restored after maintenance. On the other hand, Faisalabad Electric Supply Corporation (FESCO) said that the power shortage in the region is 215 MW.
The power supply is 1314 MW compared to the 1529 MW demand in the region, FESCO sources said.

FBR collected Rs70 billion as FED on cigarettes
ISLAMABAD (NNI): Federal Board of Revenue has managed to collect Rs 70 billion as Federal Excise duty on Cigarettes as of April 2014, and is well placed to collect Rs. 87 billion on this account by the end of the current fiscal, a 14% YoY increase in collection. The success is attributed to a two tier fully specific excise system, adopted by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) last year. Like all systems, this was an evolution of the excise system by FBR, as it embraced a new formula, and tested uncharted waters. The results were unprecedented, with the revenue generated already set to surpass the projected targets.
It may be mentioned here that Pakistan is a market where illicit tobacco products’ share in the market is increasing since last few years. In Pakistan, where illicit cigarettes account for nearly 25.4% of total cigarettes consumed, the exchequer is denied PKR 26.9 billion in tax revenues annually, had this percentage been legal tobacco sales.
Sourcs in FBR said that after some low FED collections in the first half of the fiscal year, proposals were floated in the revenue collection authority to bring drastic changes to the excise structure for the rest of the fiscal year and next fiscal. But the recent figures of FED collection have once again proven that with 14% YoY increase, the structure introduced last year has paid dividends.

Waseela-e-Taleem to be implemented in seven districts
Lahore (Staff Reporter): Secretary BISP Rab Nawaz has said that the Waseela-e-Taleem initiative will be implemented in seven districts of Punjab. He was attending a meeting with Secretary Education Punjab held to discuss the matters of coordination between BISP and provincial education department. Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) is all set to launch Waseela-e-Taleem initiative from next financial year to boost the ongoing efforts of Provincial Education Department for enrolment and retention of the children of marginalized section of the Punjab in primary education.
Rab Nawaz informed during the meeting that the present phase of Waseela-e-Taleem Programme follows a pilot phase implemented in five districts all over the country. Lessons learnt in the test phase have been incorporated in the revised design which will now be implemented in 27 districts in the country of which seven districts would be in Punjab. The program aims to enrol five to 12 years children of BISP beneficiaries in Punjab with additional Cash transfer of Rs/- 600 per child per quarter.
Bahawalnagar, Bhawalpur, Khushab, Narowal, Rahim Yar Khan, Rawalpindi and Sialkot have been selected for the extended phase, he added.

IPAEX-2014 technical session held
Lahore (Staff Reporter): Three day Architects Mega IPAEX-2014, which started on Friday, held its technical session on Saturday at a local hotel. The IPAEX-2014 is arranged under the aegis of IAP Lahore Chapter. Leading architects including Kamil Khan Mumtaz, Sarah K. Cheema, Dr. Ijaz Anwar, Waqar Aziz and Ahmad Rafay Alam presented technical papers during three technical sessions held during the whole day. The experts highlighted the future problems and said that Lahore will be second largest city of Pakistan soon and in this capacity it will face a lot of problems like traffic congestions, lack of housing facilities, environment degradation, lack of educational facilities and unchecked increase in population.
Participants of the IPAEX will visit old city of Lahore on Sunday while closing ceremony will be held the same day.

Illegal LPG decanting on the rise
RAWALPINDI (INP): The sale and decanting of LPG is on the rise in heavily populated areas of Rawalpindi city and cantonment despite the cancellation of licenses by OGRA, which may lead to any mishap. Many incidents of cylinder blasts and blaze incidents due to leakage of gas have occurred in the country but the concerned authorities are still turning a blind eye toward the business of illegal decanting of gas in the garrison city. The residents of various areas expressed concern over the situation and said that the dangerous decanting is posing grave threat to their lives. They said that at least populated commercial and residential areas must be purged of the illegal refilling of LPG as any mishap there may result in heavy losses.
They demanded to shift the LPG decanting shops out of the heavily populated areas and action against illegal dealers.