ISLAMABAD- Chief of his faction of Jamyat Ulma-e-Islam, Maulana Fazalur Rehman today revealed that the aim of occupying treasury benches in the National Assembly was for the greater interest of the nation .
Talking to sources, Maulana said that JUI-F had been strengthening the democracy in the country by sitting on the treasury benches in the Parliament and they did not have any personal interest as a part of the government .
He advised Nawaz government to widen their hearts, he further added that the governments did not sustain just with majority but wisdom also has a great role while running the country.
Lashing out at the government for ‘Pakistan Protection Bill’, Maulana termed this bill as ‘Black Law’ added that JUI-F has differences with the Nawaz government on various issues including ‘Pakistan Protection Bill’. He said if the government imposes this bill in the country then how it can criticize similar bill adopted by Indian government in occupied Kashmir.
Blasting on PTI chief Maulana advised Imran Khan to avoid character assassination of others and keep his house in order. He asked why Imran Khan is demanding rigging investigations for four constituencies in Punjab only. He also said that the worst rigging in KPK was still lacking attention of PTI chief. He said Imran Khan only knows how to criticize others and never looks at his own mistakes.
Maulana said KPK government has been taking billion of rupee from foreign funding, but PTI government has not done anything for betterment of people of the province. He said reforms in Election Commission were need of the hour, the present ECP is weak body and could not conduct free and transplant elections. JUI-F chief said media should adopt code of conduct added that freedom of media should have defined limits.