Suddenly our print and electronic media has been flooded with advertisements, inviting Pakistanis to buy luxury apartments and houses in Dubai costing from Rs. 2 crore to over 100 crore. The question is that the rupee is not a valid currency in Dubai and therefore there will be a run on the dollar in our country, in order to buy these properties. We are already starved for foreign exchange and if Pakistanis start investing abroad we will soon become bankrupted. Moreover this kind of spare-money is not earned by any high-income honest businessman or even a landowner and can only come from the corrupt who siphon money from our national budget.

That can only mean the high bureaucracy and in-power politicians. Strangely, these advertisements are timed with the recent announcement of release of billions of dollars for our country by the IMF and the ADB. This not only points to some fishy going-on between our bureaucrats and the international lending agencies but also uncovers the scale of corruption being carried on by our ruling elite and smugglers. I wonder if anyone has ever advertised in reverse, offering the Dubai citizens to buy bungalows in natural and human-resource rich Pakistan. I disagree with Imran Khan on many points, but I am fully with him when he says that the continuous turmoil in Karachi has been perpetrated by the international powers to shoo away the international investor.


Muzaffargarh, May 13.