KARACHI - All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Chief and former President General (r) Pervez Musharraf has said that India will not forget the Kargil and that Pakistan won the war in 1999 but the success was converted into a political defeat by the then government adding that Indian spy agency RAW is involved in Baluchistan and Karachi unrest. He expressed these views addressing APML youth wing Karachi division oath taking ceremony on Sunday.

APML chief said that Indian embassies in Afghanistan have been operating as training headquarters of terrorists. ‘We have provided evidences to the afghan government in this regard - it is the need of the hour to strictly deal with Afghanistan and India on diplomatic level to shutdown these terrorists bases.’ Talking about the law and order situation in Karachi Musharraf said that peace of the port city is important for the prosperity of the country and serious measures can bring everlasting peace. He said that Saulat Mirza and Uzair Baloch were just puppets backed by political forces while indiscriminate action against terrorists is only way out. He said that MQM needs reforms and that he cannot predict its future.

“It is country’s misfortune that it could not get capable leadership since I left charge in year 2008”, said Musharraf. He further questioned what democracy has given the country? “At the time of my departure I never imagined that Pakistan would be brought to such a low - people don’t care about democracy or dictatorship, they only want peace, food and progress,’ he said.

APML chief said that county is full of resources and that bad governance had put country into crisis. He said that the people want change while the youth only can bring this change. He said that he had played his innings now it’s the youth’s turn.  

Paying tribute to martyrs of armed forces, APML chief said that security agencies are giving their best to safeguard the country, even sacrificing their live for sovereignty of Pakistan. On the occasion he announced that APML would take part in the election of Gilgit Baltistan.