An Egyptian court has pronounced death sentences on ousted president Mohammed Morsi and more than 100 other people over a mass prison break in 2011. History tells us that in three hundred years of trials of former heads of state and government from Charles I to Saddam Hussain, there has never been a single acquittal. Adnan Menderes of Turkey also was one such unfortunate head of state for whom the Pakistan government sent Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to beg for mercy, utterly unaware that he himself was going to meet the same fate one day.

The basis for convictions have been different and and at odds with each other depending upon the political circumstances of the relevant places but the truth remains that the people of these regions paid a heavy price after the unnatural eliminations of those leaders. Mohammad Morsi, could be at fault in attempting to turn the secular and pluralistic Egyptian polity to religious ideology through legislation at an unwarranted pace, but the manner in which he has been dealt with is going to affect the lives of the Egyptian people forever. The Muslim Brotherhood, a peaceful but effective group of religionists is not going to sit quietly. It is likely to react in a manner that may put Egypt into a vicious circle of terrorism. There is no doubt that the military in Egypt is a strong and disciplined organization but the violent consequences of political, ethnic, sectarian and religious differences in a society which has been taking pride in its ancient history, may result in shocking blood shed and mayhem. The Coptic Christians are already being targeted violently in this broadminded society. The people who have been identifying themselves culturally and historically with the pharaohs are going to split on social and religious grounds, which had previously been non-existent in Egyptian history.

The immediate reaction to the conviction of Mohammad Morsi has been the killing of three judges by the terrorists. More death will come. Events clearly predict that the future of the ancient country is under dark shadows, and ironically in the hands of the same forces that have been its saviours since they took over the power from King Farooq. It will be unfortunate if they make way for its destruction by opting to remove Morsi from the scene through the courts.