I would like to invite your kind attention to the statement you made on May 9, 2014, when you revealed that at least $200 billion, belonging to Pakistan was stashed in Swiss Banks. One year has passed and no further information about any actions has been provided, was this just an election ruse? Don’t the people of Pakistan have the rights to know who those Pakistanis are, and why is the money not brought back? Had these $200 billion been stolen by corrupt rulers, or legally earned by Pakistani businessmen and expatriate? We are begging IMF and other donors for few billions, to meet government administrative expenses and reduce our budget deficits, borrowing billions of Rupees from local banks for developments projects.

We are celebrating China $45 Billion loan, calling it game changer which will be invested during the next 15 years and is for mutual commercial benefits, it will not make Pakistan a welfare state or educate every child and provide a house or job to every Pakistani or will make Pakistan a super economic power in Asia. The $200 billion of course does matter as this can help Pakistan to become a debt free country and we will not have to depend on gift of cheap oil and $1.5 billion from an oil rich country which now wants us to fight their war. I request you to address this as top priority and apply your experience and skill to bring this money back to Pakistan, as it is money generated in Pakistan or by Pakistanis and every Pakistani wants to see Pakistan a great Country. Should I hope that you will do the needful?


Lahore, May 11