KHYBER AGENCY - All political parties of Khyber Agency rejected the imposition of councillor system in FATA and demanded Local Bodies (LB) elections during a protest rally held at Bab-e-Khyber, Jamrud here on Sunday.

The demonstration was organized by the joint plat form of the political parties and beside leaders of Pakistan People Party (PPP), Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), Jumaat Islami(JI), Jamiat Ullma e Islam Fazl(JUI-F),Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf(PTI), Awami National Party(ANP), National Party(NP) large number of political workers, intellectuals, members national assembly(MNAs),Qaumi Watan Party(QWP) and members of the civil society participated in it.

The protestors were holding placards and banners and chanted slogans like “implementation of old councillor system is unacceptable”, “carry out local bodies election in Fata.” They marched from the Jamrud bazaar to Babe e Khyber where the rally culminated into a public gathering.

Addressing on the occasion, MNA Shahjee Gul Afridi, Akhunzada Chattan of PPP, Zer Noor Afridi of JI, Arbab Tahir of ANP, Maulana Jalil Jan of JUI-F, Mukhtar Bacha of NP, Amin Zada, Abdurraziq of PTI, Asad Advocate of QWP, Taj Mehmood of PML-N and Sahah Jehan of Shbad Milli and many others categorically rejected the implementation of governor councillor system in the tribal belt, while saying that it is the production of Frontier Crime Regulation (FCR) in which all powers rests with the political administration and sense of deprivation will further deepen in the tribesmen. Extension of political parties act to Fata has smooth legal ways for conducting local bodies’ elections in Fata, they added. The speakers further said, it is injustice to deprive Fata of local bodies and no such decision will be welcomed in the tribal belt. They demanded of the governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to take all political parties on board prior to the imposition of local bodies system in Fata.