A:     If you were to look closely into the politics of Pakistan, you’d clearly notice the lack of a left wing that is organized and involved in the running of the state. Even the supposedly left wing oriented parties are just leftist in symbolic terms and nothing more than that. Is the wing debate even relevant anymore? I do not think so.

S:     You cannot rule out the politics of the left just like that. There is a huge space for a leftist party to come and dominate the scenario. Only a party of the left can work for the poor masses unlike your status quo oriented, highway building, good governance facades of today.

A:     It is not only Pakistan. Look at the rest of the world. All left wing parties are following the policies of capitalism. Or are toned down versions, liberal or centrist in outlook.

S:     That is such a sweeping statement. I refuse to believe that.

A:     No it is not. You dream about the resurgence of the left with your comrades but secretly you do realize that your lot is lost and clueless about the realities of the world. Quoting Marx and drinking to Engels in drawing rooms is not going to bring about any change in the context of today’s world.

S:     You cannot negate the importance of those two in shaping up the directions of world politics. Remember World War II? All rightists were in power.

A:     I’m not denying the possibility of another World War anyway. And your invisible left wont be able to stop it either.