When will our rulers perform the prime responsibility of protecting the lives and property of our people? Just three months after the Lahore Church incident, terrorists have struck again, this time targeting Ismaili community. Our intelligence and security agencies have failed to tackle terrorism and the attack strike was even more daring. There is a general perception that the government and especially our security agencies are doing nothing to prevent such attacks. There is neither a concrete strategy nor any policy to prevent acts of terrorism that are taking place with an unnerving frequency. Those responsible for our internal security usually come up with nothing more than hollow, overused condemnations after each incident. People have questions but no one is there to answer. How were so many terrorists, laced with heavy weapons, able to move in the city and then attack a target like the Ismaili Community in a bus near Safoora Goth ? This was no soft target.


Islamabad, May 14.