Islamabad - Abandoned vehicles have raised security fears in Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), it has been learnt.

The university administration is seemingly perturbed over the unclaimed vehicles parked in the university premises since long. The owners of the abandoned vehicles did not return after moving them to the parking lot of the university long before which, in the wake of precarious security situation in the country, is a source of concern for the administration. A circular issued by the security section of the university last month reflects the state of discomfort on part of the administration.

“It has been observed that some vehicles have been parked in the parking area of the university since long about which the security section (of AIOU) has no information. In view of the security situation in the country, it has been decided that in future no vehicle will be allowed to stay in the parking area of the university after duty hours without permission of the security section. The owners of the abandoned vehicles are requested that they move the abandoned vehicles from the parking area immediately otherwise, after declaring them unclaimed, these vehicles would be handed over to local police,” reads a circular pasted on the notice boards of the university. All heads of the departments and other concerned have also been informed about the same.

In a separate notice, the security section has reminded the staffers that entry and parking of vehicles without special stickers in the university parking is prohibited. “The section has time and again asked the owners of the vehicles in this regard but to no avail,” the notice added. It warned the sticker-less vehicle-owners not to enter the university premises to avoid unpleasant situation. Against the backdrop of terrorism threats in the country, a number of abandoned vehicles around the government building have sparked possibility of their being used for a terrorist attack.