MULTAN-Ali Haider Gilani, son of former prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, disclosed on Tuesday that existence at the place where he was kept at was very difficult.

“I would not have been among you if I had not possessed strong faith and patience,” he added while addressing a big gathering of jubilant PPP workers and family members outside his residence.

He was kidnapped by unidentified armed persons on May 9, 2013 during elections campaign and returned to his home after 3 years and 8 days. The kidnappers killed Ali Haider Gilani’s secretary Mohiuddin and a guard and took him to Afghanistan.

Ali Haider Gillani further said that he was thankful to the Allah Almighty for granting him patience. He said that he wanted to tell those, who disrupted country’s peace, that he was not afraid of anyone. He said that he was thankful to Pakistani agencies, Afghan and American forces for their cooperation and efforts for his recovery.

Recalling his secretary Mohiuddin, who was killed by his kidnappers on May 9, 2013 at the time of his kidnapping, he said that his friend sacrificed his life and today he was alive due to the sacrifice of Mohiuddin. “My whole family cannot pay off in our lifetime the favour Mohiuddin’s family did to us,” he added.

Earlier, the Jiyalas accorded warm welcome to Ali Haider Gilani on his arrival at his Multan residence for the first time since his kidnapping. He arrived at Multan Airport on a special plane from Lahore and moved to his residence on a car. Ali Haider Gillani did not talk to the media or any other person and he just waved to the people and media waiting for him before leaving for his residence on a car.

The PPP workers decorated the road leading from airport to the Gillani House with party flags, colourful buntings and banners inscribed with welcome slogans. A large number of PPP activists from Muzaffargarh, Khanewal and other adjacent areas reached at Multan airport to receive Ali Haider Gillani.

The jubilant workers distributed sweets and danced to drumbeat. They shouted loud slogans to express their feelings and showered his car with rose petals. Emotional scenes were witnessed when Ali Haidar Gilani reached his home. He was accompanied by his father and brothers Ali Musa Gilani and Qasim Gilani.

All family members of Ali Haider including his father were with him. Talking to the media on this occasion, Ali Moosa Gilani said that there was not a single moment when the family lost hope to bring Ali Haider Gilani back. Ali Haider was escorted by police and private security personnel from the airport to his residence.