NEW YORK-Reality television stars, Hollywood actresses and social media fans came together for the 20th Webby Awards in New York, where the likes of Kim Kardashian West and Jessica Alba were honoured.

Kardashian picked up the “Break the internet” prize for her social media presence while her husband, Kanye West, who did not attend, was named Webby Artist of the Year.  Alba received the Entrepreneur of the Year award for The Honest Company, which the actress founded in 2011. The annual ceremony honours outstanding online achievements.

The mother of two who has over 70 million Instagram followers, 45 million Twitter followers, and a hugely successful mobile game, made a promise to keep posting immoral photos until the day she dies. Other nominees include Jessica Alba who won “Entrepreneur of the Year award” for The Honest Company, First Lady Michelle Obama for her appearance on “Funny or Die,” Drake’s never-ending meme-inspiring “Hotline Bling”, James Corden for “Carpool Karaoke” segment and Kanye West who was named Webby Artist of the Year.

Meanwhile, Iran is not happy with Kim Kardashian definitely not after her recent achievement which she got from Webby Award for breaking the Internet with her racy photos.

Kim Kardashian is accused of being a secret agent who have nefarious influence on the youth and young woman in Iran.

According to Vanity Fair, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp, an agency tasked with policing domestic culture and heading off the influence of other nations, is concerned about the social-media popularity of Kim Kardashian.

You think the whole idea sound funny and absurd? Iran,has already began to crack down on locals who post glam shots to social networks. Sources say the Revolutionary Guards already have 29 out of 170 people that broke the rules surrounding their religious value and beliefs.