Rawalpindi - The Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) has been granted Rs. 63 millions through MNA Malik Ibrar in order to put an end to the prolonged financial crisis of the department.

The RCB has decided to utilize Rs 50 million in the course of development projects and repair the buildings and other public utilities such as tube wells.

The remaining Rs 13 million will be spent on the installation of movable garbage points to eliminate filth and unhygienic conditions from the area. The RCB is making constant efforts to steer the department out of the financial crisis by conducting a crackdown against the defaulters. According to cantonment sources the department will accelerate the operation against the defaulters to ensure a swift recovery of the arrears.

MNA Malik Ibrar has pledged to provide RCB with another grant of Rs. 50 million for which an application has been submitted to tackle the financial crisis of the department while RCB will demand the Punjab Government to allot the department a fix share in the new budget.

These financial strategies will enable the department to put off its financial crisis and complete the construction of pending projects and initiate the planned development projects.