LAHORE: Honey Waqar is one of those top designers of Pakistan whose collections are ranked high in the fashion industry. Each dress designed by her has its own story and philosophy, pertaining to a certain theme/inspiration. Her style and designs are truly unique which make her label stands apart from all other labels. The design philosophy of Honey delves into the craftsmanship of traditional hard work created with delicate precision, whilst maintaining a modern twist to its timeless collection. In an exclusive interview with The Nation she talks about her career in fashion industry. Following are excerpts of the interview:

Why did you decide to choose fashion designing as a career?

I chose fashion because I have always loved fashion. It’s important that you should choose what you love, so you will be really good at it. I have always been analytical towards everything that I see and experience. I have a strong belief in listening to my inner self. I feel these two things actually brought originality to my work and have helped me to develop a distinguished design sense.

You have been working for a long time. How has been the experience?

It’s a journey which started off with real passion, originality and with a lot of dedication. The success story dates almost 30 years back when it was started as a small setup. Since then the brand has reached great heights in bridal and formal attire both locally and internationally.

You deal with bridal and prêt. Which line do you enjoy making the most and how would you describe word ‘Couture’?

I take pride in doing bridals, which portray regality, extreme level of beauty and dream like feel to make the bride feel very stunning and special. After all it’s her special day! For me couture is fairytale creations that magnify with integrate detail and strong sense of beauty.

What is the staple piece that all women should have in their wardrobe?

A classic item one that never goes out of style.

How would you describe your design philosophy? 

My design philosophy delves into the craftsmanship of traditional handwork created with delicate precision, whilst maintaining a modern twist to the timeless collections. From my personal sense of style to my culture, the places I have been to, my experiences, my exposures, my daughters and all the people around me, everything has enormously contributed to my inspiration and has shaped my design philosophy.

How do you face criticism when you are at receiving end?

I strongly believe that the only productive thing you can do with criticism is take it positively. You don’t necessarily have to agree with your critics but it’s ideal if you can improve yourself via criticism.

What’s the price range of your tag? Is it affordable to niche class only?

Well, we have different ranges with different price tags targeting a broad sphere of clientele.

What’s the story of success behind your brand name Maison Honey Waqar?

“Honey Waqar," is one of the most established and prestigious fashion brands of Pakistan. Our work is a fusion of different sensibilities and creative aesthetics with a strong focus on the business side of fashion.

Everything has to evolve with age and time and consequently my style has evolved with inspirations and trends. My every piece even back to date is still classic bridal.

What advice would you give to young designers?

Inborn talent and training both works hand in hand but I feel what exactly makes you a successful designer is a lot of patience, hard work, consistency and ability to learn from your mistakes.

What are your favourite patterns, fabrics and colours to work with and why?

I create patterns that highlight a woman's silhouette in soft and vivid colours displaying statement prints and patterns. In terms of fabric I prefer delicate sheers and opulently woven textures ranging from plush to velvet to brocades.

Do you have any new collection in the pipeline that Honey Waqar fans should be looking forward to? 

Absolutely! We are coming up with an extravagant collection full of glitz, glamour and romance. We will make heads turn. Watch out!