ISLAMABAD : Convener of the sub-committee of the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms Law Minister Zahid Hamid said that to remove the differences of the stakeholders on contentious issues was a painstaking and time-consuming task.

While talking to media after the sub-committee meeting, which was tasked by the main committee to resolve the differences of the government and the opposition parties on some certain points, Zahid Hamid said that they had initiated work on it and would take up each and every issue to resolve the differences of the stakeholders on it.

Some insiders in the committee informed that the sub-committee had initiated reviewing the nomination forms for the candidates of the provincial assemblies, and it was decided to keep it mandatory for the applicant to give information regarding the wealth, loans, taxes, of his dependants as well as the proposer and seconder for his nomination papers.

The sub-committee had completed the reading of nine out of total 27 forms and the members had agreed to remove some of the repetitions from these forms.

Hamid said that the main committee had referred back the contentious points to the sub-committee and they would not take up these issues and would try to evolve consensus on it.

To a question, he said that he could not give any timeline for completion of the process as it could take time because they had to address the concerns of some stakeholders and evolving consensus on contentious issue required time.

He further informed that they had removed some of the questions from form nine of nomination forms because those queries were also presented in some other forms.