KARACHI - The law enforcement agencies (LEAs) claimed to have arrested at least 20 suspects including a kingpin of a car lifting gang in various raids and operations carried out in different parts of the metropolis here on Thursday.

Anti Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) Police claimed to have arrested notorious car lifter wanted to the police in snatching more than 1,500 vehicles from Karachi, Hyderabad and other cities of Interior Sindh and Southern Punjab.

The accused person identified as Haji Qutbuddin Mundrani alias Haji Pakistani, arrested in a raid conducted in Karachi.

The accused has confessed the sale/ purchase of more than 1500 vehicles in last few years. The accused hailed from Jhat Patt area of Jaffarabad and his whole family has been involved to run the racket since 1990’s as before starting snatching the cars accused person used involved in cattle rustling. His father Sadruddin started the business and his elder brother Fakhruddin was also arrested by ACLC in 2002. They are linked with huge network of car thieves and snatchers.

They also have hired drivers/ riders on payroll for moving vehicles from one place to another. Haji Pakistani gang is also connected with engine punching mechanics / chop shops and fraudsters who prepare forge documents & make duplicate registration plates for stolen/ snatched vehicles. The stolen/ snatched vehicles once prepared are sold again in Punjab, Balochistan or smuggled to Afghanistan. Busting of this gang will further discourage vehicular crime. ACLC police claimed to conduct more raids in future in coordination with Balochistan Police to root out this menace.

On the other side, Rangers claimed to have arrested at least eight suspects in different raids carried out in various parts of the city. Rangers conducted a raid in SITE area while arrested an accused Khaliq aka Sunni associated with Muttahida Qaumi Movement London wanted to the police in various cases of street crimes and robberies while recovered weapons from his possession. Rangers also conducted raids in Darakhsan, Gizri, Preedy and Clifton areas while arrested six accused persons including Abid, Abdul Samad, Shah Mir, Noman, Ali Ferooz and Abid Hussain.

The accused persons were wanted to the police in various cases of street crimes while rangers claimed to have recovered weapons and looted valuables from their possession. Rangers also arrested an accused drug paddler namely Saleem in a raid conducted in New Karachi area while recovered huge quantity of narcotics from his possession.

Meanwhile, police claimed to have arrested at least 10 accused persons in various raids carried out in different areas of the city while recovered weapons and narcotics from their possession. Police arrested Junaid in a raid conducted in Saudabad area while New Karachi police arrested Anwar Shah and Arif.

The accused persons were involved in various sort of criminal activities while police recovered weapons and narcotics from their possession. Saudabad police arrested Arif and Fareed Ahmed while recovered narcotics from their possession.

Sohrab Goth and Shareefabad police arrested four accused persons including Anwar, Shahrukh, Arsalan and Faizan and recovered weapons from their possession.

The accused persons were wanted to the police in various cases of street crimes. Saeedabad police arrested an accused Asif Ali while recovered weapons and snatched motorbike from his possession.