Islamabad - Art and culture are an integral part of the society for providing entertainment and exhibiting the history and lifestyles of different eras, speakers said on Thursday

Puppetry is one of the most ancient forms of entertainment. Besides providing entertainment, this form  of visual art is also used for conveying meaningful messages, Renowned puppeteer and television director Farooq Qaiser said this while delivering a lecture on “Puppetry and Communication” at Lok Virsa Media Centre. Derived from his book “Kathputli”, the lecture was aimed at illuminating aspects of communication, both subtle and direct, which can be learned by observing various successful puppet plays staged across the world including the legacy of Uncle Sargam.

Culture exhibits the history and lifestyle of the specific area. Pakistan is a culturally rich country and every province is known for its own art and culture. “Over the years, puppetry has developed into a powerful medium of communication as it offers a real challenge to the imagination of viewers and creative ability of the presenters”, Farooq Qaiser expressed.

Puppetry is a form of theatre performance that involves the animation of puppets. This animation is carried out by a puppeteer. Such a performance is also known as a puppet play or puppet theatre. Farooq Qaiser is the pioneer of puppetry in Pakistan. The pride of performance winner has choreographed several puppet plays across the globe.