ISLAMABAD - The federal government has asked the Ex-Wapda Distribution Companies (Discos) to observe zero loadshedding from Iftar to Sehri time on all feeders and make the adjustment in the load shedding of the different categories of power consumers.

To adjust the loadshedding during 14 hours the government has asked the Discos to abandon the zero loadshedding for the feeders with less than 10 percent losses, official sources told The Nation.

Earlier there was no loadshedding on the feeders with less than 10 percent losses.

To ensure uninterrupted power supply from Iftar to Sehri time, the government has decided that during these hours, there would be no power supply on industrial feeders for 9.5 hours.

This action has been taken to give more relief to the domestic consumers.

The decision has been taken after mutual understanding with the Industrial and business sector.

From Iftar to Sehri, the time is around 10 hours and to adjust load management schedules for remaining 14 hours, the government has now asked the Discos to discontinue zero load shedding on feeders where losses are less than 10 percent, an official source told The Nation.

This step was taken to protect the high losses feeders from the entire day loadshedding, the source maintained.

For example the source said that some high losses feeders have loadshedding up to 14 hours, which means that leaving Iftar to Sehri timing there will be all day long power outages in those areas.

But the new decision will help mitigating load shedding in the high losses feeders, the source claimed.

To this effect, the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) has released its schedule under which the feeders where the losses are less than 10 percent has been increased from zero to a maximum three and a half hours.

Besides, feeders where the losses are 10 to 20 percent would face power outage of 4.5hrs; 20 to 30pc loss making feeders with five hours while 30 to 40 percent loss making feeders will face six hours loadshedding.

Besides, there would be seven hours loadshedding on those feeders where the losses are 40 to 60 percent. Feeders with 60 to 80 percent losses would face eight hours of power outage.

Feeders where the losses are above 80 percent, there would be 11 hours of loadshedding.

However the source said that every Disco will follow their own separate load management plan as per the convenience of its customers.