TOBA TEK SINGH - A water supply project has been inaugurated to provide more than 400,000 gallon water per hour in the city but the Municipal Committee chairman refused to take its control.

The project was completed by Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) with the expenditures of Rs 860 million. Under the mega, a 35km pipe had been laid from River Chenab near Trimmu headworks (Jhang) to Toba city.

PHED Executive Engineer Rafiq Saroya said that more than 400,000 gallons of water will be supplied per hour and initially four to five hours supply will be sufficient for the whole city. He added that with immediate effect water had been started supplying from MC’s Akal Wala road water supply works.

However within a couple of days all the four water work stations of the municipal committee will supply potable water from the project, he said.  On the other hand, Municipal Committee Chairman Chaudhry Ghulam Nabi Mithu who belongs to PTI addressed a press conference along with PTI’s defeated NA 93 candidate Mian Kashif Ashfaq.

He blamed that defective pipes had been used in the project due to which pipe had burst at different locations.

He refused to take control of the project and stated that in 2010 an agreement was signed between PHED and the then TMA administrator under which the TMA had to run the project after its completion but now his institution will have to bear Rs 50 million per year for running the mega project.

He added that MC had very low income and it was quite impossible for it to bear the cost. He claimed that at present, the MC collects only Rs50 per month or Rs600 per year only as water fee from each water supply connection holders. If the burden of Rs50m as recurring expenditures per year was put on the MC, it will have to raise the water fee to Rs500 per month or Rs6,000 per year, he said. He added the citizens will never be able to bear the highest cost of water supply so only solution was that provincial government should provide all the expenses. Otherwise, he said, the MC will not take this project into its control. The MC councillors were also present in the press conference. Deputy Commissioner Irfan Nawaz Memon inaugurated the project.