SANGLA HILL - A senior leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) expressed his anger against former premier Nawaz Sharif for, “what he said”, his ‘anti-Pakistan comments’ in an interview to an Indian channel.

During a media talk, Insaf Lawyers Forum Divisional Vice President Ch Arslan Idrees Chattha said that Nawaz Sharif had stooped to commit treason with Pakistan to conceal his corruption. He added that those engaged in hatching conspiracies against Pakistan, Pak Army and judiciary with the connivance of foreign patrons should not forget that 20 crore patriotic people of Pakistan would foil their every design against the country. “Nawaz Sharif should remember that he has attained this status because of Paksitan,” Mr Chattha said, adding that all the patriotic Pakistanis supported PTI Chairman Imran Khan whom they considered a ray of hope for a solution to all their problems.

“Pakistanis have got an honest leader in shape of Imran Khan,” he maintained. He pointed out that the future of Pakistan belonged to the PTI, claiming that the party would clinch the next general election. He said that the objective of the PTI politics was to provide facilities to the common man at his doorstep.