TEHRAN - One person was killed and six others injured in violence in a city in southern Iran that has seen several protests in recent months, the Fars news agency reported Thursday.

It said a group of people gathered in Kazerun on Wednesday evening to chant “subversive slogans” and set fire to a local police station.

Videos of the incident were shared on social media overnight.

Residents of Kazerun have held sporadic demonstrations for weeks against a government decision to establish a administrative division in the region.

Wednesday’s scuffle was the first reported unrest in the town in two weeks after a decision to shelve the reform initiative, Fars said.

At least 25 people were killed in a wave of social unrest that swept towns and cities across Iran between December 28 and January 1.

The New York Center for Human Rights in Iran quoted local sources as saying that at least three people were killed.

 Several amateur videos said to be from the protest were making the rounds on social media.

 In one video posted online, protesters appeared to carry an injured man. In another, protesters chanted slogans against Iran's state policies.