KARACHI - Sindh Rangers and police have devised a joint security plan to maintain law and order situation in Karachi during the holy month of Ramazan.

A Rangers spokesman Thursday said that the plan had been devised to improve coordination among the law enforcement agencies to counter crimes and protect people during Ramazan. The plan also aims to enhance extraordinary security around mosques, imambargahs, bazaars, shopping centers, public places, and taraveeh prayers venues.

It was also decided to enhance snap checking and mobile patrolling to curb street crimes in the city while also make the foolproof security arrangements at shopping centers and bazaars. The Rangers have advised citizens to inform them if anyone tries to forcibly collect Fitrana/Zakat from them.

Rangers spokesperson also urged that the citizen should cooperate with the law enforcers in order to maintain the law and order situation and also oversee the suspicious elements in the surroundings and informed law enforcement agencies when found anything doubtful in nearby. Spokesperson said that the informed nearby rangers check post, Rangers helpline, whats aap and also informed through massage if anything found suspicious in the surrounding.