KARACHI - Treasury and opposition members opted to criticise each other instead of debating on budget as discussion continued for the fourth consecutive day in the Sindh Assembly on Thursday.

Presided over by Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani, the proceedings were started for almost two hours late. Taking a jab at his opponents, Home Minister Sohail Anwer Siyal challenged Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman to prove his claim that postings were made in Sindh police on bribe or tender apology.

“If he (Imran) proves his claim, I will quit the politics. All recruitments in police department are made on merit,” the home minister held. He said that Sindh government had increased compensation amount for martyred policeman to Rs 1 million as well as his widow would continue to get his salary.

Siyal said that when Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) came into power in 2008, the law and order situation was quite worst as the extortion, target killing and kidnapping for ransom were on the rise. “Former adviser to chief minister and now mayor Karachi Waseem Akhat had been indicted in 12 May 2007 carnage case,” he maintained.

Not a single penny was received from the federal government for Karachi operation, the home minister said while appreciating Pakistan Army and Rangers for their role in restoring the peace in the city.

Pakistan Muslim League-Functional’s (PMLF) Nusrat Sehar Abbasi said the PPP’s democratic government presented undemocratic budget, asking the chief minister Syed Murad Ali Shah a reason for not completing his budget speech on the other day. She stated that the present government had been ruling the province for last 10 years but it had miserably failed to utilise all development budget even a single in its tenure. “The massive corruption was made in solar lights projects which were to be installed in three districts as the light worth Rs 40,000 was shown worth 250,000 in the papers. The representatives of this government had embezzled millions of rupees meant for up gradation of girls’ schools,” she added.

Nusrat demanded the Election Commission of Pakistan to conduct audit of PPP members so ascertain that how their assets were increased big times during last 10 years.

After Nusrat’s criticism, the minster for industries and commerce Manzoor Hussain Wasan came for counter attacking the PML-F lawmaker, saying that he was all set for making a speech on Friday but some friends asked him do it now. He said that how can a PML-F members talk about corruption as they were themselves a corruption product, alleging that the top leadership of PML-F was involved in getting land through illegal allotment. He said thousands acres of land were illegally allotted to PML-F top leadership in their previous tenures, asking the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to probe into it.

Syed Nadeem Razi who was originally elected on Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) ticket and now defected to Pak-Sarzameen Party unlike other members came down hard on the local government Karachi as well in his speech. He said that the mayor Karachi had done nothing for the people welfare in last two years but decried of lack power, adding that the people had got no benefit from both public gatherings held at Liaquatabad by the PPP and the MQM.

“Both the parties have no manifesto for upcoming election and will try to fool the people on slogans of Jiye Bhuuto and Jiye Muhajir,” he added.

Kamran Akhtar of MQM asked the dissident members of his party who are now in PSP ranks to left the MQM’s mandate and resign from their seats on moral grounds. He also took a jab at the government and said that the corruption had been on the rise in last 10 years. “I am challenging the Sindh government to conduct audit for last years of local government and irrigation department and if no embezzlement is found, I will quit the politics.,”

The PTI’s Dr Seema Zia said that she was so heartbroken and will not be coming back the assembly as it had miserably failed to deliver for the people of Sindh. She said that the assembly building was very beautiful and luxurious but the situation is totally different outside it. “In the budget, we have heard about million, billion and trillion but now we hearing about corruption also,”

Dr Seema went on the say that the ministers of this government were being tried in corruption references for allegedly making assets beyond their known income. The MQM lawmaker Zubair Ahmed said that a large number of the people belonged a specific community was deliberately not counted in the census, adding that the opposition members were not given funds under community development programme.

The house also unanimously adopted two resolutions moved by the PML-F parliamentary leaders against killings of Palestinians by the Israel forces. The other resolution was adopted against the killings of a Hindu trader and his son in Hub on March 12.

The assembly’s proceedings were lasted for more than six hours before the speaker adjourned the house until Friday at 2pm.