KARACHI    -   A subcommittee meeting on the proposed safe city authority draft amendment was held in the committee room of the Sindh Assembly building on Friday.

It was chaired by the minister for information, science and technology. Provincial Minister for Energy Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh, Minister for Excise and Taxation Mukesh Kumar Chawla, IS&T Secretary Ali Bahadur Kazi and Home Secretary Abdul Kabir Kazi also attend the meeting.

A special committee of the Sindh cabinet has suggested that the proposed Sindh Safe City Authority, which will prescribe the use of latest technology to maintain law and order in the province, should function under the administrative control of the provincial police force.

The committee members proposed that the authority should function under the provincial police force. Such an arrangement of administrative control would allow the police to promptly take the due corrective action in case of any law and order situation in the province as the Command and Control system of the authority would be under the control of provincial police force, they said.

The ministers agreed to the proposal while saying that minutes of the committee’s session should be sent to the cabinet for approval in its next meeting.

The committee decided that the draft by-laws of the proposed Safe City Authority would be finalized soon after due deliberations and they would be sent to the cabinet for approval.

The meeting discussed the proposed rules and regulations, the composition of the governing board, laws and charter of the Safe City Authority to be constituted soon. IS&T Secretary Ali Bahadur Kazi briefed the participants about the proposed draft of the Sindh Safe City Authority on the occasion.