LONDON :  Opposition Leader in the National Assembly and PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif on Friday said that nobody ever has taken dictation like this from the IMF.

Talking to a private TV channel, Shehbaz rejected reports of not returning to Pakistan and said, “A few of my medical reports are left. I hope to return to Pakistan before the budget session.”

Criticising the Prime Minister, the PML-N leader said he [Imran Khan] does not know how to work. “It is unfortunate that Imran Khan speaks lies so brazenly. There has never been a more untrue Prime Minister in the history of Pakistan than Imran Khan.”

Shehbaz further said that propaganda has been done against Pakistan on foreign soil to destroy the economy of the country. “First they were against amnesty and now they themselves have introduced it. Then they had claimed they will not go to IMF and now people from the very same organisation have been given important positions. Nobody has ever taken dictation like this from the IMF. This is Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan.”n

He added: “The economy is in a terrible condition. So much so that not only are overseas Pakistanis willing to bring money into the country, local businessmen are also not willing to invest in the country. By devaluing the rupee, the country is in Rs500 billion debt.”


PTI leader Hummayun Akhtar Khan claimed Friday Nawaz Sharif will go to London and opposition protest call will be withdrawn after his departure to London.

He said this while talking to media men here.  He said it will be government’s endeavours that result-oriented steps are taken after IMF programme.