MANSEHRA - Around Rs221 million has been distributed among 1700 fam­ilies under Ehsas Emergency Cash Programe (EECP) of Oghi and Darband Tehsils of district Mansehra.

Chairman Dadek committee and Member Provincial Assembly, Nawabzada Fareed while talking to media on Sunday informed that 22,000 families of both Tehsils were registered under EECP and so far around 210.65 million ru­pees has been disbursed amongst 17712 families.

The MPA stated that due to spread of coronavirus, econom­ic activities were badly affected around the globe, and the govern­ment had initiated EECP to facili­tate masses.

He said the government has re­laxed lockdown but it could not be succeeded without the coopera­tion of people.

He urged them to follow pre­cautionary measures and strictly adopt Standard Operating Proce­dure, adding, if masses would co­operate, the government would completely lift the lockdown from the country.

Earlier, while addressing Tiger Force of district Manshera he said the force was established to tack­le any emergency situation during the lockdown where young peo­ple from all walks of life have been registered voluntarily.

He also discussed the Terms of Reference (ToR) and practi­cal measures for Tiger Force with them.