Peshawar                 -            Despite the ongoing Covid-19 emergency situation, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Merged Districts Support Unit, Directorate of E&SE Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has set up 8 new pre-fabricated schools in South Waziristan and handed over these schools to the DEO South Waziristan.

Established with the financial support of UNICEF, these schools were inaugurated in Makin and other different parts of South Waziristan, where District Education Officer South Waziristan, Haji Zaitullah Khan Wazir, Provincial Manager KPMD Unit, Directorate of E&SE KP, teachers, elders and others were also present on the occasion.

The field team of KPMD continued their efforts by fully adopting the precautionary measures against the COVID-19 and handed over 8 new Pre-Fabricated schools along with wash facilities, furniture, electricity and other necessary facilities to DEO South Waziristan.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony, Provincial Manager KPMD Unit Tariq Hayat Khan said that as per the vision of the PTI-led government, they are focusing on rehabilitation of damaged schools infrastructure and provision of missing facilities in newly merged districts.

He further said that with this initiative, the provincial government aims to transform the standard of education in the much deprived areas and enable the local children to have easy access to quality education at their doorstep.

However, without support of the local elders and communities, these efforts cannot be fruitful, therefore, he urged community elders to contribute their part to fully functionalize the non functional and damaged schools.

He added that they must send their kids to school after the end of the ongoing vacations so as no child remains out of school.

Appreciating the efforts of KPMD unit and UNICEF for construction of new schools, DEO Zaitullah Wazir said that due to COVID19 it was a tough and challenging task but the field teams did it with devotion, responsibility, commitment and determination.

He added that though the   education institutions were closed due to the Covid-19 emergency situation but once life gets normal, they will work with a new spirit and will ensure to provide all the needed facilities to the schools.

He urged the local community members to come forward and support the ongoing initiatives for improving learning and teaching environment in schools.