LAHORE - Measures taken to curb the spread of Coronavirus and ensuing lockdowns have revolutionized the world, leading to a significant reduction in air pollution and the spread of complex diseases among citizens. There has also been a decline in ozone depletion from air pollution and toxic gases.

These views were expressed by Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) and Amir Uddin Medical College Prof. Dr. Sardar Muhammad Al-freed Zafar, while talking to media on Sunday. He also appealed to the citizens to change their lifestyle till the availability of coronavirus vaccine. “We have to change our lifestyles and learn to live with this virus, he added.

He said that Corona Virus is not only in Pakistan but the whole world is under its grip. He said that we can succeed in defeating the virus. He said that people should not take advantage of the Government’s easing of lockdown, keep in mind Government’s SOPs while shopping in the markets and do not take children with them.

The Principal PGMI said that if the public did not follow the SOPs as per the directions of the government, the consequences could be dire and the hard work of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff fighting on the front lines could go down the drain. He further said that the only solution to restrain the spread of the virus was to maintain social distance and to follow the process of washing hands frequently.  Prof Al-Freed Zafar stated that citizens should also be aware of the environment around them and keep it clean and spray disinfectant to prevent diseases. He also urged the youth to give more importance to tree planting so that the country could be greener and the damage caused by climate change could be avoided.