MIRPURKHAS - Different pests invaded the cultivated cotton crop in the district to ensure damaging the cotton crop while Abadgars and Zamindars blamed that they were acting upon the advices of the pesticide dealers in absence of field officers of agriculture extension department Mirpurkhas for using the correct pesticide.

Sources said that due to availability of required quantity of water in tail-end areas also as a result more than agriculture lands brought under cultivation of cotton crop by the farmers in the district and at this time crop reached at the level of flowering, however different pests attacked on it to damage the crop. When contacted Abadgars of the tail-end Abadgars association, Nadeem Bhurgari, Maqsood Rajput, Muhammad Ismail, Khalid Arain, Imamdin and others alleged that field officials of agriculture extension department Mirpurkhas were missing from their limits while they had deprived the proper advices of using correct pesticide to kill the attacked pests.


 They told that they were depending the advices of pesticide dealers for using the pesticide to eliminate the attacked pests.

They urged the higher authorities to take immediate notice into this matter, ensure high level impartial inquiry against the field officials of agriculture extension department Mirpurkhas and punish them exemplary.