KARACHI - Sindh Governor Imran Ismail while sharing his experiences during 17-days isolation period due to COVID19 has said that coronavirus is not a disease which essentially culminates in death.

He said the death ratio from coronavirus was very minimum and its patients could defeat COVID-19 by adopting precautionary measures and SOPs in this regard, said a statement on Sunday.

The Governor Sindh said that natural herbs were helpful in curing the symptoms of coronavirus and he himself used Sana Maki (Senna leaves) and ginger water during quarantine which helped him getting better.

He said there was no authentic medicine or vaccine available for this virus and the patient had to be in contact with your pulmonologist for ensuring required oxygen saturation levels. It should not go below 92, as it could be fatal, he added and said that the same could be monitored at home with the help of Oxymetre.

The Sindh Governor said that Isolation period provided an opportunity of self assessment. The person could go through various decisions, acts made and things which he was not able to perform, he added.

He said that the isolation period made the person more closer to his creator and he could thank Allah for HIS countless blessings upon us and also seek HIS forgiveness for our misdeeds.

The Governor of Sindh further said that although the patients were even away from their loved ones, and it seemed to be a solitary confinement, but it was a blessing in disguise. The patient could do many things which he was unable to do, due to lack of time or concentration.

The Governor Sindh said that these 17 days were tough but were a great experience which enhanced his vision and perspective about various matters. “I fully believe that there is always something behind all the things Allah gives us,” he remarked. He said he was confident that these 17 days training would make him more strong and helped him discharge his duties with even more zeal and zest. While advising COVID-19 patients, Imran Ismail said that they must fight this virus with precautionary measures and keep hope. This was the only way this virus could be defeated, he added.

The Sindh Governor thanked all persons who expressed their best wishes and prayed for his recovery. “I am indebted by their letters, messages and phone calls,” he added.

Meanwhile, senior Chest Physician and Pulmonolgist, Dr. Javaid A Khan on Sunday urged the masses in general to realize that coronavirus disease (COVID -19) was a real threat to their health and not any attempt to create false scare across the globe. Taking strong exception to instances of mob attack on doctors and medical personnel attending patients at dedicated wards for COVID-19 patients in the megapolis, he said majority of the affected patients who had failed to survive the viral infection were those who had malignant tumors or cancers, heart related complications, severe chest infections and long history of diabetes.

“People in general have to understand that patients with chronic diseases being brought to hospitals are to be tested for COVID-19 due to their vulnerability to the infection which is in the atmosphere,” said the senior pulmonologist.

Trying to dispel the impression that patients suffering from different conditions and being brought to facilities for the treatment of the same are wrongly tagged to be COVID, Prof. Khan appealed to the masses not to believe that this might be any deliberate attempt to create scare that too at cost of denying their dear ones the right to proper treatment and procedures required afterwards.

Urging people to have faith on the doctors, nurses, paramedics and other associated personnel, the senior surgeon feared that the growing tendency to turn berserk might turn the overworked health workers reluctant to tend those in need of their care and treatment.